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WE SPEND A GREAT DEAL OF MONEY in building gymnasiums and in training our youth and young manhood in physical exercises. Our schools and colleges and technical institutions are for the exercising of the mind. How little we know about exercising our spirits.

The church has never realized that the spirit of man is the fountain of faith… that faith is not the product of Sense Knowledge begotten of reason. You see, all the knowledge that we have has come through the senses. There is nothing creative in the senses. The senses merely receive physical facts and transmit them into mental signs.

No school of thought has ever recognized that man is a spirit, and that the fountain of all creative ability is in his spirit. We know now that no people ever became inventors or creators, great scientists, or great musicians until that nation has received Eternal Life, the Nature of God. That Nature of God doesn’t come into man’s reasoning faculties. It comes into man’s spirit. Man’s spirit is the fountain, then, of all man’s creative and inventive ability. We ought to learn how to cultivate this recreated human spirit.

Spiritualists and mediums have cultivated the unrecreated human spirit and turned it over to the devil he educated, and they perform prodigious and miraculous things. The séances are spiritual, but they are never the product of the recreated human spirit. They are the product of a demon possessed and controlled human spirit.

The recreated human spirit contacts Divine Ability and resources. It isn’t only the fountain of creative energy and ability, but it is the fountain of Faith. How little we have appreciated the fact that the Faith that Jesus exercised and that the church has demonstrated down through the ages, is the product of the recreated human spirit. You see, God is a Faith God and He imparts His Faith Nature to man in the New Creation. If man could only learn how to develop his recreated spirit, he would develop his Faith capacity and Faith ability.

The Two Kinds of Life.

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