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One does not enjoy more of the reality of spiritual truth than he confesses.  Man’s faith is measured by his confession.  His joy is measured by his confession. We receive wisdom only in the measure that we confess that Christ is our wisdom.

We should make this confession continually. “I thank thee Father that thou didst make Jesus wisdom unto me. So I know that today as I walk in fellowship with the Word, His wisdom will be mine at every crisis.”

This continual confession of Christ as your wisdom will transform your entire conduct. You will find that your conversation will take on a loftier aspect; your thinking will swing out of the old groove that your inferiority complex has given you, into a new realm of positive action. There will be the consciousness of cooperation with Him.

This is not psychology or metaphysics. This is absolute fact. God becomes a part of our very consciousness. This continual confession will eventually give our spirit control of our reasoning faculties. We must continually reiterate this truth, for wisdom is not of the intellect. It cannot be imparted to us by man. This kind of wisdom comes down from above, and comes in response to our acting on the Word. It will be well to pause a moment in our activities and let Him take us over in our spirit consciousness.

God only responds to us as we act upon His Word. The electricity is in your room. It is wired, everything is in perfect condition. All you need to do is to touch the button. So it is in this divine life. The ability of God is at your disposal. It is there with you. The fact is, in a very large measure it is in you, but it lies dormant until you act upon the Word.

In other words, until you place your utter dependence in Him and expect Him to cooperate with you, God’s ability lies dormant in you. There must grow in you the sense of His presence in you, learning to depend on Him, and expecting Him to respond to you moment by moment as you need Him. This will develop in you a spiritual sensitiveness to His Spirit. You will discover His ability gaining the ascendancy over your faculties, until after a while you will live in the realm of the superman.

The Hidden Man.

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