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Train Yourself

WHAT you do for yourself counts far more than all that others have done or can do for you. Self-discipline is the most important feature in any life. Unless you put yourself under mental discipline, you will never develop the forces in you that are valuable to the commercial world. Rule your temper so that no matter what happens, what is said or done, your temper will be under absolute control. The man who does not rule his temper can never achieve the success that belongs to him.

He destroys the building that he erects. Govern your tongue, so that it will say nothing that will injure anyone around you. Practically all the injury that is done to a character, to a business, a home, or a person, is done with words. It is tongue work.

The man or woman who makes no contribution to destructive thought and talk is a valuable asset anywhere.
He is deaf to anything that is destructive to another.
He is blind to anything that folks around him do.
He cannot speak of it. He has mastery of himself.
The efficiency of an office force is reduced sometimes 50 per cent by idle, unkind words.

The man who can govern his temper, his tongue and his appetite, though he has but mediocre ability, is bound to get to the top.
Gaining the mastery of these will be among your first real victories.
It is controlled power that is valuable.

That waterfall is simply beautiful. It has no commercial value until it is harnessed.
It is the harnessed ability in you that is worth while, ability under intelligent mastery.

Find out what you wish to be or do, then train yourself for it.
What you have undeveloped in you has no value. No one else either wishes or has the time to develop it. That is your business.
The training is all done by you.

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